Saturday, August 28, 2010

Facebook kills your playa skillz

Signs that you are not so slick:  A certain female runs into a certain male that she hasn't seen for a few years.  The male tells the female that he has lost her number.  Female gives male the number, but can tell he doesn't remember her name (even though she knows his).  Male says they should hang out because they are now neighbors.  Female could care less if they hung out or not, but considered the possibility that he could pet sit for her.

Two days later, female is walking her dog and sees male, but he doesn't see her because he's busy talking to another female.  Male texts female and she calls him out on it, and he denies it because "He doesn't pick up females on the street."

Male texts female a few more times, but female ignores him.  Males then texts female saying "What's up Nicole?"  to which female replies "This is Toya."  Male then responds "I had you saved as Toya.  My bad.  What are you doing today?"

Female refrains from punching herself in the face and decides to again ignore the male.  But she felt the need to prove male's stupidity.  Since female had more than two brain cells that weren't fighting each other (the same could not be the same for the male)  she decided to look up the male on the wonderful web portal Facebook.  Lo and behold, there was the male!  With a status reading "in a relationship."  With a myriad of pictures of himself and his lovely girlfriend.

So the moral of the story is, female is way smarter than you, and will always figure you out.  Now run and tell dat homeboy.

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